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Money & The 9 Steps You need to survive Any Financial Crisis: Main Street's Solution To Wall Street's Problems 

is the book and the answer to your stress.  We tackle everything from why we are in this mess, what caused your mess, and most importantly how to get out of this mess.  So if you are ready to get the TRUTH with NO FLUFF then get your Brand New copy  today!  This book is available online and in Nationwide Bookstores right now, but I know if you are like me then you DO NOT want to wait.  

So if you're in a financial crisis I have the answers you need right now for immediate digital download. I decided to offer YOU an incredible deal!!! Order your Official Author's Release Paperback today and get access to this incredible book as an ebook for immediate digital download at NO ADDITIONAL COST!!

I know what its like to be in a financial mess, and I have done all that is in my power to give you the best material at the best price, and Instant access to this Life changing information so you do not have to wait another minute to get the answers for your situation. 

God Bless and I know getting this book will begin to change your future. 

Millennial Mentor, Business and Finance Coach

Since 1999, I have created Businesses, programs and strategies to meet short term and long-term Business and personal financial goals. If you have questions about Starting a business, non conventional investments, mentorship, goal setting, and breaking personal cycles? I would be glad to help. 

We start by clarifying our fee structure and explaining the different ways we can help. Then we analyze your goals and compare them to your current situation. Then we recommend a personal strategy designed to meet your short term & long term goals.

Why Me?

I am Originally from The Bronx, NY and have been an Entrepreneur and Business Owner Since I was a Teenager. I have had many ups as well as downs. Made tons of money and lost lots of money too! I know what its like to start with nothing from scratch and work your way up. I have suffered loss and have seen the miraculous happen. I know what its like to be young and lost and what its like to just need a little help. The bottom line is that in some form or fashion I can relate to you; from where you're at to where you want to go! If you want to get there faster then learn from someone who's actually been there & let me help you along the way :)

Our Team

Nick Ruiz

Nick began his Business career in June, 1999 as a Business translation coach with a Major construction firm. Always a fan of the restaurant industry, Ruiz started as a Dish washer in the mid 90's and later worked his way to manager of a very successful local BBQ restaurant. He left that company in 2001 and became the Owner of a local mom & pop BBQ restaurant later turning it into Diggers BBQ Franchises, Inc. where he continues his dream of becoming The Nations Brand Leader in the Quick Serve Industry for BBQ. In 2009 Nick wrote and published Money & The 9 steps you need to survive any financial crisis. With the many creative talents Mr. Ruiz Possesses he decided to start his own coaching and mentorship program geared towards Millennials with a heavy focus on business and personal finances as well as Life Coaching. Ruiz has created his signature course titled; Life's 5 Keys to Success where he desires to help his students master themselves in 5 main areas of Faith, Finances, Fitness, Family, and Free-time.  


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